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Take Advantage of Your Membership Benefits

by Brandon Tupper

Take advantage of your PVMA Membership Benefits? Article 1Over the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to work alongside some great staff and volunteers of the association. Your Board of Directors meet monthly to discuss the affairs of the ...

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Why We Need the PVMA. Why the PVMA Needs Us.

Conscientious Advocacy for the Vegetation Management Industry

(PVMA) The Professional Vegetation Managers Association is a dedicated group of hundreds of men and women who have knowledge regarding (and care deeply about) the plants that inhabit their local and regional environments.  Their goals are many-fold ...

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Announcing a new Scholarship.

The Keith Sanftleben Memorial Scholarship

Keith Sanftleben Memorial Scholarship: (NEW)Keith Sanftleben was an active member of the PVMA for many years and had a passion for helping other people and communities. This scholarship has been set up to honour his memory and to highlight students that ...

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We need your help!

The PVMA Casino needs workers.

The PVMA is a volunteer organization that puts on programming throughout the year as well as works behind the scenes for its industry with things like Alberta Environment updates. They are able to do this in part due to casino funds received for working ...

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Health Canada Seeking Consultations

Colleagues, As you may be aware, Health Canada currently has a 60-day public consultation open on Further Strengthening Protection of Health and the Environment: Targeted Review of the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) (DIS2022-01). This consultation will ...

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PVMA adds insurance benefit to its membership

$3,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit at no-cost

The Professional Vegetation Managers Association (PVMA) is always exploring ways to provide more value to a PVMA membership.As a PVMA member you have access to the following financial benefits:1) Discounts on registrations for Workshops & Conferences2) ...

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2021 UTT-UTW Program Update

Important Date & Delivery Changes

PVMA UTT-UTW Board of Governors along with Olds College have made important changes to course delivery in 2021 due to COVID-19. Click here to read the full letter with changes.

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How Long Is Your Town's Frost Free Period?

Frost Matters More to Some than Others

The old joke goes, whenever any nervous service provider asks you for a tip, is to give them a life tip, rather than a monetary one, such as, “Plant your corn early”. Unfortunately for Albertans, “early” can be a difficult point ...

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5 Ways Trees Can Kill You

And they look so innocent, too.

There are numerous threats to human safety from the Animal Kingdom which people are aware of in our region. These dangers range from mosquitos with a bad case of West Nile Virus (watch out for sneezing skeeters!), to maniacal deer that leap out of ditches ...

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Do You Own A Home or Business?

That Makes YOU a Vegetation Manager, Too!

For some, the idea of a “Vegetation Manager” is either the lady at the greenhouse pushing petunias or the young clerk stocking the display bins in the produce department at the grocery store.  In reality, however, a vegetation manager ...

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