PVMA Procedures for  UTT/UTW Certification

  1. Work in the utility vegetation management industry for a minimum of six (6) months.
  2. Record a minimum of 1200 hours on the "Verification of Ground or Aerial Trimming Hours Worked Around Powerlines" forms. All hours must be signed by a certified UTT/UTW or BC Certified Utility Arborist.
  3. Complete section 1 of the Demonstrated Proficiencies Record Book, pages 1-11*. Have the foreman and employer sign only those sections that apply to your experience levels. For instance, the mowing section may not apply if you have not worked with mulchers or hydro-axes.
  4. Send Proficiencies Checklist with log hours and record book pages to PVMA office for review and approval prior to registering with Olds College for the Utility Tree Worker Course.
  5. Once you have received verification from the PVMA that the hours log and appropriate Demonstrated Proficiencies have been accepted and approved, register for the Utility Tree Worker Safety and Training Course.
  6. Successfully complete the PVMA-sanctioned UTW course curriculum taught by Olds College.
  7. Return to work in the field and record additional hours on the "Verification of Ground or Aerial Trimming Around Powerlines" forms until you have completed a minimum of 2400 in total (including your pre-course hours). Complete the second section of the Demonstrated Proficiencies Record Book, pages 12­-24* and ensure they are signed by your foreman and employer.
  8. Apply for PVMA certification by completing the application form supplied at the time of training. Application must include payment, a copy of your Utility Tree Worker Course grades, signed Code of Conduct, the additional hours recorded on the Verification of Hours form (at least 600 of the hours must be aerial for UTT certification) and completed Demonstrated Proficiencies, pages 1-24. Application must be signed by applicant, employer and a witness.

*If you are using a Demonstrated Proficiencies Record Book that is older than the September 2020 copy page numbers will vary.  Pages 1-5 will be required for pre-course approval and Pages 16-29 will be required for certification.


Once certification is issued, it is your responsibility to ensure the PVMA office has your current contact information including address, email and phone number. This is required to send you important notices.


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