Take Advantage of Your Membership Benefits

by Brandon Tupper

Take advantage of your PVMA Membership Benefits? Article 1

Over the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to work alongside some great staff and volunteers of the association.  Your Board of Directors meet monthly to discuss the affairs of the association and to ensure the direction the PVMA is going stays on course.  There are over 10 active committees in the association and many members dedicate precious volunteer hours to purse the individual goals of each committee.  Together they all move our association towards a more professional future.

With our Casino funds there has been a push to include more public awareness of the association.  If you have attended the past few meetings you will know that there has been a struggle on how to best use the funds, while meeting the objectives of the association.  In preparing for the use of the funds we developed a website that is more public friendly.  The Board of Directors has determined that the best way to give back to the public is to create an awareness campaign that drives the public to our website.  We have set up several strategies to do this. 

  1. Promotional Material - We have ordered several promotional items that can be distributed away from our booth and at tradeshows that would help the public understand who the PVMA is.


  1. Online Advertising - Another opportunity that has been mentioned before is to get the PVMA brand out to the public.  Really let people know what we do.  So, we did our homework and have outlined a simple yet efficient strategy to do this. We have an excellent job board and we want to make it even better.  Over the course of the next couple of months (January - April) we will be driving job seekers and the public to our website.


  1. Manuals - We have spent considerable time developing manuals and guides for industry members.  There has been considerable interest in the Rehabilitation of Soil Affected by Herbicides manual over the last couple years and we have committed to bring this manual into a current edition.


There are some dots that need to be connected here. I want to get this message out to the PVMA members - "the opportunity to advertise your company on the website and take advantage of the PVMA Job Board has never been better".  We will report on the analytics as we go along.  My experience and knowledge of online marketing is limited however I feel confident that you will see a great return on this initiative - if you chose to take advantage of it. 

In the upcoming series of Membership Benefit articles, I will be looking at initiatives the PVMA has been involved in and what it has done for the industry.