PVMA: Eco-Management  for a Safer Environment

The Professional Vegetation Management Association (PVMA), formerly the Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta (IVMAA), was officially formed in response to rapidly increasing public concern over environmental issues and a fast growing number of stakeholders in the industry. Originally formed in 1978 to provide a collective method of problem solving, the IVMAA, has since evolved into the PVMA to take a more proactive approach to constantly emerging vegetation management issues. As well, our aim is to broaden the membership base to better serve the infrastructure owners who work with our associates toward best vegetation management practices.


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Member Representatives

A Utility Tree Trimmer hard at work thanks to PVMA certificationIn just over four decades, our association has grown from a core group of approximately 10 founding members to a dynamic association of almost 200 vegetation managers committed to their industry and association. Currently our members include those in the following disciplines:

  • Vegetation management
  • Electric power and other utilities
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Municipal government
  • Pipelines
  • Railways
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Forestry
  • Chemical companies

Through our members, we promote technological advancements and develop high professional standards for industrial vegetation management. In addition, we offer professional development seminars, design college-level curriculae, produce educational videos, create training programs, conduct major research projects, and present a collective voice to the public and government.


The Need For Vegetation Management Advocacy is Growing... As is Our Body of Knowledge

The need for the PVMA continues to grow each year as government, private citizens and businesses become increasingly aware of proper environmental management. As a PVMA member, you are helping to ensure the future of your industry as an influential body, to advocate for better government vegetation policies, and to increase opportunities for sharing knowledge and best practices with other vegetation professionals, for yourself, your company and the environment.


We're Proud of Our Proactive Environmental Stewardship

The PVMA takes a forward-looking approach to vegetation management issues by:

  • Consulting with government on regulatory issues
  • Developing operating standards
  • Delivering safety, environment and other training programs
  • Communicating information to its members


Knowing Green. It's Our Nature.