Health Canada Seeking Consultations



As you may be aware, Health Canada currently has a 60-day public consultation open on Further Strengthening Protection of Health and the Environment: Targeted Review of the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) (DIS2022-01). This consultation will no doubt generate significant input from activist groups who oppose the use of modern pest control products like pesticides. It is critical that the sector has a strong response to the consultation in support of science-based pesticide regulation to ensure that Canadian farmers and other sectors continue to have timely access to the innovative tools they need to sustainably grow food for Canada and the world for generations to come.


CropLife Canada, along with its partners in Advancing Agriculture, have launched a digital letter writing campaign to encourage individuals within the pest control product sectors to send a letter into the consultation, along with the Minister of Health, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and their individual MP. 


Please take a moment to send a letter (it only takes a few clicks) and share this campaign within your organizations and with your networks.   The website is bilingual, enabling letters to be sent in both French and English.  We are at a critical cross road for pesticide regulation in Canada and every letter counts.


Thank you for your support.